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Mr Richardson's Class
Kids playing Sparkle
What a fun way to learn!!
Student with Cookie
Character Traits in 6th Grade
Character Drawings
Friendly game of Knock Out
Students playing Knock Out
How much does it weight??
Students weighing items
3rd Grade Brainstorming Ideas
Kids Brainstorming
We love to Read!
Rug Time
Look who's been doing well!
Chargers in Charge
Looks who's been doing well
Chargers in Charge
Mrs. Toombs' Class is on it
Teacher with students
Groups in Kindergarten
Kids in groups
Skills Bring Success
Teacher with students
Vivid Wording to Perfect Sentences
Teacher with students
Pumpkin Chunkin
Group Shot
Mrs. Turnipseed Brings Halloween Happiness to Class
Teacher with students
Finding Evidence is Fun!
Kids working together
Mrs Woodward's Class Pumpkin Competition
Child with Pumpkin
Making Learning Fun!
Kids Playing Uno